If you have a Gujarati friend then you surely know why Gujjus just cannot follow or go on a diet. They breathe food and their mouth-watering cuisine is to blame for it. But do you know, Gujaratis have much more to offer than just Theplas and Dhoklas.

Have a look at other exotic Gujarati dishes that’ll make you go: ‘Paet Bhar Gaya, Par Niyat Nahi. Bhari’.

1. Khaman Dhokla

This looks very similar to Dhokla, but it’s not. Khaman is a healthy steamed snack that can be made instantly from freshly ground lentils (channa dal) or chickpea flour. 

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2. Dhebra 

These are fried breads made of pearl millet flour (bajra atta). It lasts for days and days and it tastes the best when served hot. 


3. Handvo

This is a healthy baked snack made of lentils, rice, sesame and spices. Those (excluding Gujjus) who love having Handvo often forget the name and conveniently call it, ‘Namkeen Cake.’ You can check out the recipe by Tarla Dalal here.


4. Khandvi 

Another healthy snack that you just CANNOT stop yourself from eating. These are soft rolls made of gram flour that melt in your mouth like butter.  


5. Patrode

Try Patrode before you make fun of vegetarians for eating leaves! It’s a healthy, steamed snack made of Colcocasia leaves and gram flour. It’s also known as Patra or Alu Vadi. 


6. Methi Muthia 

These are yummmm… They are made using wholewheat flour, chickpea flour and of course, methi seeds. Just like your momos, it can too be made in two ways– steamed or deep fried.


7. Undhiyu

The name of this mixed vegetable dish comes from the Gujarati word ‘undhu’, which means upside down. Unheard, weirdest combo of vegetables are mixed and traditionally cooked upside down underground in earthen pots. 

8. Sev Tameta Nu Shaak 

It’s a sweet and sour curry made from tomato, onion, sev and spices. It’s healthy, easy and quick to make. 


9. Dal Dhokli 

It’s a sweet, spicy, comfort food for every Gujarati. Dal Dhokli, also known as Varan Phal or Chakolya in Marathi, is made by boiling thick wheat flour noodles in lentils (pigeon pea). It is usually eaten with rice. 


10. Sev Khamni 

If you’re a street food lover, you gotta try this one out with meethi or green chutney. It’s prepared by mixing Khaman and Sev (Bhujiya).

11. Gujarati Kadi 

This is the best thing that happened to Gujaratis. It’s sweet and spicy and is prepared using yogurt, jaggery, cinnamon and green chillies. 


12. Rotlo

Nothing can beat Rotlo when eaten with jaggery and hot ghee. It’s a bread made of maize or millet flour. You can enjoy this on it own or have it with raw white onion, green chillies and butter milk. 


13. Sev Usal

This spicy-as-hell curry is prepared with dry peas and garlic paste and is one of the most popular street foods in Gujarat. 


14. Basundi 

This is one of the best Gujarati desserts. It’s made from condensed milk, saffron and nuts. All you have to do is boil it on low heat till it’s reduced to half. 


15. Khakra 

No picnic or a foreign trip is complete without these crispy thin crackers. They are made from wheat flour, mat bean and oil. It’s best enjoyed with pickle and chai.


16. Khichdi

First thing every Gujarati asks for after returning from a trip is a bowl of Khichdi. It’s not only a savior but also a comfort food for them. It’s usually made from rice, vegetables and lentils but variations can also be done. It can best be served with curd, Kadhi or buttermilk. 


17. Chorafali 

These papad lookalike spicy fluffy snacks are usually made around Diwali and best for chai-naasto scenes. 


18. Methi Na Gota 

These spicy lip-smacking tea-time pakoras (as North Indians would say) are made using fenugreek and gram flour and are very popular in Dakor. 


19. Ghughra 

This crispy delectable dessert is made during festivals and special occasions. They can either be fried or baked. 

20. Locho 

Listen up all you chat lovers, this steamed farsan is something that you can’t afford to miss. It is yet another street food that’s loved by the people of Surat. Locho is a steamed farsan made from gram flour. 


21. Lilva Kachori 

These crispy kachoris are made from white flour and semolina, filled with a mixture of pigeon peas, green chilies, coriander and spices. Best time to have them is with your cuppa tea. 


22. Mohanthal

Whenever there’s good news, there’s Mohanthal. It’s almost impossible for anyone to take their hands off this rich besan burfi filled with loads of dried fruits.


23. Magas 

This is another popular besan burfi that Gujaratis can’t live without. These are made during Diwali. 


24. Papdi No Lot 

This baked snack is for all those who are health conscious. It’s prepared with rice flour, green chillies, salt and cumin seeds.  


25. Dabeli 

Dabeli is like vadapav but it’s filled with mashed potato and a mixture of groundnuts and spices. It is served with meethi chutney made of tamarind and dates. 

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