When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up? A superhero, a princess, a ninja? 

Well, looks like whosoever dreamt of becoming a ninja can probably now fulfil it for real cuz there is an actual degree to become one. And there is a man who legit is a valid ninja. 

45-year-old Genichi Mitsuhashi spent two years diligently studying the art of becoming a ninja and completed the master’s course at Mie University in central Japan, the region considered the home of the ninja. He is the first person in the world to get this degree.  


Mitsuhashi has been awarded this degree for his fighting, espionage, and stealth attack skills. He learnt basic martial arts, traditional fighting and survival skills as well as how to stealthily climb mountains.  

In addition to those sick skills, he had to learn about ninja history, their rules and ways of life when they weren’t sabotaging or assassinating. 

Talking about his experience, Mitsuhashi said, 

It has been a fulfilling two years because I lived in a mountainous farming village in Iga to study ninja and pursued my research in my own way. I want to play a role in connecting local residents with tourists and other visitors. I hope I can help revitalise the region and its ninja-related sites by having minpaku users join local festivals and offering other measures. 
Strait Times

The university is located in Iga, around 350 km (220 miles) southwest of Tokyo and 3 students are enrolled every year for this course. 

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