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How many of y’all have cribbed about not having enough money? I sure have! And honestly, the rate at which prices are increasing, I don’t think any amount of money will ever be enough. So, every time my parents look at the cost of something and say, “Humare zamane mein toh...”, I legit want to travel back in time and live in their zamana!  

Here’s a list of things that’ll make you guys wish you could go back to the time when life was actually affordable. 

1. Mobile Phones

Your favourite companion has become a lot more expensive over the years.

2. Family Cars

A simple family car used to be so affordable! 

3. Scooter

Nowadays, even a scooter is super expensive. 

4. Movie Tickets

Watching a movie at the theatre today? No, thanks. 

5. Refrigerator

Now, that is a high price for being cool. 

All set for time travel, aren’t we? But seriously, how do we deal with the issue of ever-rising costs and inflation? I’m pretty darn sure you and I don’t save enough. And even if we do, is saving really the answer to our problems? Well, check out the video below to find out.

Yes guys! While savings are great, investments are really the way to go. And Scripbox is here to help you with that. It’s a digital platform that’ll help you invest in mutual funds. Find the investment option best suited to you and begin living life with a little less stress.

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