Due to coronavirus, the global pride month could not be celebrated this time. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do your bit and help out the members of the community.

Here, we have listed some support groups who are working for the queer community in India. We have also linked their pages/means to contact so that you can easily make donations. 

1. Nazaria

Founded in 2014, Nazaria is a queer feminist support group, which works for lesbian bisexual women and trans people who are assigned female at birth.

They look at gender as beyond a binary concept and are trying to help people who face stigma because of their sexual orientation and gender assigned at birth.

You can contact them, here.

You can make donations, here.

2. The Bi-Collective

They are a community collective working for bisexual, bi+, bi-curious and pansexual people in and around Delhi.

Their aim is to create a safe space for people of thecommunity, a place where they can express themselves freely.

You can contact them regarding donations on their Twitter and Facebook handles.

You can also visit their website, here.

3. Naz Foundation 

Naz is one the leading NGOs working for the causes related to HIV/AIDS and stigma against people of the LGBTQAI+ community.

They hold sessions to sensitise people about these topics and help them learn about co-existing with the queer community.

Naz was also the NGO which filed a petition challenging the constitutionality of section 377, which criminalised gay sex.

You can contact them on their Facebook and Twitter handles.

Or you can visit their website, here.

4. The Humsafar Trust

The trust says ‘your identity is a reason for pride, not a reason to hide’ and started its operations in 1994. 

They run workshops for legislators, politicians, media – among others – to sensitise them on issues related to the queer community.

Apart from this, they also run support groups, like ‘YAARIYAN for young LGBTQ people, UMANG for LBT persons and SANJEEVANI for persons living with HIV’.

You can follow them on their Facebook and Twitter handles.

You can contact them on their website, here.

5. Sappho for Equality

Founded in 2003 and operating out of Kolkata, this is an NGO working towards ‘bridging the gulf between the queer and the non-queer parts of the society in India’.

Their aim is to help the sexually marginalized women and female to male transpersons in getting their rights and an equal status in the society.

They organise film festivals, discussions to sensitise people about these issues.

You can visit their website, here.

Sappho for Equality

6. Sangama

Sangma is an organisation, which has dedicated itself to linking ‘sexuality, sexual preference and gender identity into the realm of public discourse’.

Based out of Bengaluru, it has held various campaigns to raise awareness/talk about sexual minority rights, article 377, sex workers’ rights etc.

You can visit their website, here.

You can make donations, here.

Deccan Chronicle

7. Goodasyou 

Based in Bengaluru, it is one of the oldest support groups for the people of the queer community.

It organises many activities, and provides legal and moral support to the members of the LGBTQAI community. That includes counseling sessions.

You can follow them on their Facebook page, here.

Or get other important details, here.

Do your part and help them out.