Khalsa Aid, an international NGO that aims to provide humanitarian aid in disaster and conflict-torn places has literally stood up to its name. No matter where people are suffering in different parts of the world, they have always been there to help. 

So, now when our country is witnessing one of the biggest protests of all times i.e. Farmers Protest, the volunteers of this NGO are helping their own. Here is how the volunteers have gone out of their way and helping out farmers.     

Khalsa Aid

1. The NGO has set up a temporary shelter home for the farmers who have no place to sleep during these chilly North Indian winters. The shelter is accommodating around 400 people and is under camera surveillance at all times.     

2. The volunteers have been serving free langar, tea and refreshments to anyone who is a part of the protest in several different locations.      

3. The social organization is providing hygiene products including, toiletries and free sanitary pads to protesters at the ongoing farmers’ protest site in Delhi. They have also installed portable washrooms for men and women.       

4. The organization is keeping in mind that the majority of protesters are elderly. So, they are distributing first aid kits to these protesters. The kit includes basic bandages, disinfectants and medicines.         

5. Khalsa Aid volunteers are regularly fogging areas to keep protesting farmers safe from mosquito induced diseases.    

6. The organization has been distributing fire extinguishers to the protesters to ensure fire safety during an accident.        

7. The organization provided mattresses and blankets for the protesting farmers just so they could sleep peacefully.   

Truly doing god’s work.