Coronavirus is on the loose and you can’t chill with your friends like before. No typical game night or late-night drinking sessions. But don’t lose hope, there are other ways to hang out and chill.   

Here are some ways that you can do it.  

1. Host a ‘Netflix Party’ 


Google Chrome built an extension called Netflix Party, which allows users to watch their favourite shows with others remotely at the same time. 

2. Joint video games 


Many gaming platforms like Ludo King, Catan, Call Of Duty and many other allow users to play with each other over the Internet. So, get ready to have a full-on gaming night. 

3. Video chat 


Use Skype, Houseparty, Marco Polo, FaceTime or Google Hangouts to video chat with your friends and feel connected. 

4. Live online shows 


A lot of famous artists are hosting live concerts on Instagram or YouTube. Ask your buddies to get on the live stream and headbang remotely. 

5. FaceTime cooking competition  


For those who are interested in cooking, now could be the time to discover new and creative ways to make recipes. FaceTime a friend and see who can come up with the best recipe.  

6. Try Instagram’s new ‘Co-watching’ feature 


Instagram has recently launched a new feature which will enable users to co-watch posts and content on its app while video chatting. You can browse through your feed and share your liked or saved posts.  

7.Virtual workouts 


FaceTime with a friend while you do an at-home yoga or workout session together. 

Time to get creative!