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Who could have guessed that Jockey is 140 years old? Though, given that it’s pretty much the best-known briefs manufacturer in the world today, it’s no surprise really. I mean, who can forget those classic, uber-cool jockey commercials that used to rule our TV sets when we were kids? Taglines like ‘Genuine Jockey’, ‘Feels like Jockey’ And ‘Jockey or nothing’ were subtle yet so effective, courtesy of the quality products that backed them up. Moreover, our personal experience dictates that Jockey is indeed the next best thing to naked. (IYKWIM).

Oh, and don’t be blown away just yet. At least, not until you’re done reading these 8 riveting about Jockey that are sure to impress you!

Arthur Kneibler, the man who designed briefs for Jockey was inspired to do so when he received a postcard in 1934 from his friend who was visiting the French Riviera. In the postcard, a man was wearing a bikini style swimsuit, the lower part of which resembled the briefs you and I wear today.

In 1938, in a Chicago convention, Jockey hosted one of the first underwear fashion shows and called it “The cellophane wedding”. The bride and groom were wearing cellophane clothes with their underwear visible underneath.

By 1946, Jockey was one of the most recognizable brand names ever; was even getting endorsed by major athletes from across the board. One endorsement that particularly stands out, even to this day, was that of baseball legend Babe Ruth.

Britain was the host of the 1948 olympics and the host nation’s contingent had their own official wardrobe, including an official underwear. And guess what that underwear was? We think you know.

In 1962, NASA commissioned for the first manned mission to the moon, Apollo 11. Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, wore a Jockey fabric – one that was designed by Jockey to remain unaffected by gravity.

In 1876, the founder of Jockey, S.T. Cooper founded S.T. Cooper & Sons in St. Joseph Michigan, a company that manufactured socks and promised to satisfy the human need for comfort (which they did and how!).

In 1982, 20 years after Jockey happened, ‘Jockey for Her’, a line exclusive for women, came into being and was a runaway success!

…and the rest, as they say, is history!

As amazing as these Jockey facts were, they were only a small portion of everything Jockey has accomplished over the past 140 years. And if you want to know more about the legacy of Jockey then you should know that Jockey itself is going to be showcasing the same in the form of a physical museum set as part of a roadshow for the good folks of Mumbai. So, if you’ll be in Mumbai between 8th and 10th September, head to High Street Phoenix, between 11 AM and 9 PM. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get to know Jockey better. You already know, when it comes to comfort wear, #ThereIsOnlyOne.

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