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“Dost fail ho jaaye toh dukh hota hai. Lekin dost first aa jaaye, toh zyada dukh hota hai”

That dialogue from 3 Idiots hit hard. There’s no denying we all love our friends. But if your friend is that jerk who pretended to fail a test, and then topped the class then you have all the right in the world to want to punch them in the face. Overachievers can be annoying, after all. 

So if you have grown up with friends who’re high-flyers, then you will relate to these 8 things. 

1. When they’re on their 3rd revision, and you haven’t even finished the syllabus 

Wait! So were they actually paying attention in class? 

2. When they cry over losing out on 2 marks from 100, and you have flunked the exam

Yeah, this is when you should go for that punch we discussed earlier!

3. Every time they met your parents and talked about their future plans 

And what about the time, they revealed their real marks to your parents in the paper you flunked? No point cursing yourself now!

4. You would dread the maha-milaap of both of your parents at PTA meetings

OK! This should NOT happen! This is why you should pick friends based on alphabetical order. 

5. When they get accepted in an IVY League school & you’re still deciding what to study

And what’s even more upsetting is the fact that they knew it all along, but said nothing to us. 

6. They’re usually the popular and the confident one and are the life of a party

You hope and pray that your crush doesn’t end up liking your friend too! 

7. You can’t even plan your weekend and they have already planned out their entire future

But when did they even get the time? Someone please answer!

8. Your nightmare comes true when your friend turns out to be your boss at your dream job

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