India is facing one of the biggest protests in history since the past few weeks in the form of farmers protests. However, this peaceful protest served us with many lessons in humanity and service. From volunteers to peers, everyone’s come together to help each other out in these harsh weather conditions . 

The Quint

Here are a few services which are aiding the farmers braving cold weather conditions to protest against the Indian government’s new farm laws. 

1. Roti Makers 

A roti making machine has been installed at the camp to churn out over 1500 – 2000 rotis in an hour. This makes it easier for farmers to produce chapatis for thousands of protesters. 

2. Libraries 

Many book houses and NGOs are offering books to borrow or for very minimal rates. Besides a wide array of books and magazines on farmers and social issues, these libraries are offering a booklet explaining the pros and cons of three laws in a bid to make agitated farmers more aware.     

3. Foot Massagers 

The Khalsa Aid Foundation has setup a foot massage centre in makeshift spaces for the farmers. The NGO has already installed 25 machines for those who had been travelling long distances to reach the protest site and were exhausted. 

4. Pizza Langar 

Activists from various unions set up pizza langars for aggrieved farmers at Singhu Border in addition to community kitchens. This was done to raise their morale. 

5. Makeshift Gyms 

A gym ka langar has been installed at the site of protest just so that protestors who have been missing out on physical fitness can continue with their physical routine. 

6. Washing Machines 

A farmer brought two washing machines at the site of protest and has set it on the footpath for anyone to use. The machines wash and dry over 500 clothes a day.    


7. Medical Camps

Doctors from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Safdarjung Hospital, Hindu Rao and other hospitals expressed solidarity with the protests and conducted medical check-ups for protesting farmers at 5 different sites. 

8. Free WiFi

 A Delhi NGO is providing free WiFi at Singhu Border just so that the protesting farmers have a platform to share their progress and stay in touch with their families. 

These services might not completely help, but are definitely easing the farmers road to dissent.