These revolutionary lines from Faiz Ahmad Faiz’s Hum Dekhlenge have become the voice of the people protesting against the highly controversial CAA which was passed in December. 

Hum dekhenge 
Lazim hai ke hum bhi dekhenge
Wo din ke jis ka wada hai 
Jo lauh-e-azl mein likha hai

The nazm which was crafted by Faiz Ahmad Faiz as a means to protest against the oppressing reign of Zia-Ul-Haq, now finds its voice in student protests and on social media

While some know the words to this heartfelt poem, others just hum but everyone feels the dept of resistance in Hum Dekhenge. It has woven people from walks of life in the thread of defiance.


Here are a few new renditions of Faiz’s Hum Dekhenge that have gone viral: 

1. Madboy Mink performing a rendition of Hum Dekhenge at Vh1 Supersonic, in Pune, this past weekend, proclaiming a stand on stage was hair-raising. 

Saba Sultan Azad has been vocal during the anti-CAA protests, making her presence felt both, at Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh, as well as in Mumbai Bagh, in Mumbai. And while her earlier version of Hum Dekhenge touched hearts, at Vh1 Supersonic, held in Pune, the singer took it up a notch. Adding a disco beat to the song, the rendition leaves you with goosebumps while set a solid tone. Together with Imaad Shah, Madboy Mink took a stand through their music, and how. 

2. Saba Sultan Azad standing in solidarity and singing Hum Dekhenge along with the protestors of Shaheen Bagh.

3. Sonam Kalra’s melodious mash-up of Hum Dekhenge and Tagore’s Where The Mind Is Without Fear is truly very hard-hitting: 

4. The well-executed Coke Studio version of this revolutionary poem will make you drop everything you’re doing and play it on repeat. 

5. Protestors standing together in unity in front of India Gate and singing this rendition will give you major goosebumps. 

6. A Tamil version of the nazm was sung by the protestors in Chennai. It has been translated into quite a few languages 

7. The well-renowned Bollywood playback singer Shipa Rao silverly humming the lines of these songs is heartwarming.  

8. The cover of this prose harmonising with the chords of a piano will make you want to sing along.

9. Poojan Sahil’s upbeat musical version of this poem with powerful visuals will melt your heart. 

10. Sukhnid Kaur and Abhilasha Sinha’s duet will give you hope. 

A special mention to desi students in New York playing a version of this song and singing along, while protesting against student brutality was an impactful moment. 

Despite people raising questions to Faiz’s iconic poem, it has played a tremendous role in voicing the opinions of thousands of people.