Festive season is finally upon us, and daily Diwali parties mean good food, better company and the best thing of all - sweets!

assortment of mithai on diwali
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While there will always be a platter full of all kinds of mithai to cater to all tastes, the best one of them all, hands down has to be the very delicious kaju katli

Kaju katli mithai
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It is the mithai of the century - there is not a single person out there who can resist the charm of this yummy kaju katli.

kaju katli

As the tray full of mithai starts making the rounds among guests, once the eye catches a glimpse of this cashew goodness, the other mithais stand no chance. They must admit defeat to everyone's favourite barfi.

It is so versatile that you cannot restrict kaju katli to just Diwali. It is a mithai for any and every kind of celebration. Be it any other festival, a family celebration or a wedding, you can expect a box of kaju katli.

A box of kaju katli
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Not just the typical version of this cashew mithai, kaju katli is a winner in whatever form and recipe it is made from. It can be chocolate, pista, even strawberry or homemade, and you know it's still going to taste amazing. But of course, no version can beat the OG goodness of kaju katli.

Different flavoured kaju katli
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Kaju katli has the right level of sweetness, just the perfect amount of meetha without being too harsh on the teeth. People with a sweet tooth will never say no to it, but those who turn away from sweet cannot resist it either.

Kaju katli in a bowl
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Any celebration is incomplete without a box of kaju katli, and it is the staple mithai of every Indian household. And all you kaju katli haters out there, remember you can hate it, or dislike it but you can't imagine a Diwali without it.