As if chai-tea, naan-bread was not enough, Americans are now taking our matchmaking process and turning it into a business model.

No joke, a dating app called Struck, has been launched in some parts of the US, with star-alignment as its main feature. 

Which means my parents could have developed it if they were in USA, but moving on…

The app asks for your location, date and time of your birth and makes a chart (seedhe bolun toh kundali), for potential matches, so that you don’t ending up rejecting a Scorpio simply because you’re a Gemini. 

The aim is to get a person to meet someone suitable for them, according to the placement of the planets and stars.

So, if your sun is strong, you will be matched with, say… Pluto (JK, Pluto ko existencial crisis hai).

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Hello to our new followers! Struck was created to connect open-minded people in a way that has been lost in today’s swiping—err, online dating—landscape. We’ve put a ton of thought into making this an intentional and safe meeting place, and importantly one that feels comfortable for women, POCs, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. But don’t take our word for it, check out our great reviews 😂. As always, skeptics welcome! We’re currently available in LA and most of the Bay Area right now, and we’re expanding very soon! Also don’t forget today is the last day to enter our hat giveaway! Check our previous post for details. #astrology #astromemes #astrologydatingapp #astrologyposts

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But this is the idea of Struck. Instead of going for ‘sapiosexual’, ‘wanderluster’, ‘420 friendly’, it focuses on the real deal. Imagine still not being able to make it work with anyone *cries*.

The app also allows you to choose 6 ‘traits’ that you are given with your birth chart – and these are both good ones and bad ones. Stuff like, friendly, impulsive, moody, indecisive etc (that’s me, good guess). 

Now, this is a legit profession in India and the reason why a lot of marriages are called off. Because gun nahin mile, mangal bhaari tha, shukra ka brahaspati se mel nahin hua.

The Americans, however, are pretty jazzed about the app, which is stuff ‘Sima Taparia from Mumbai’ dreams of.

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They are excited about the novelty of the idea. 

My culture is not your dating scene, okay?