Unless you’ve been living in an isolated igloo, you’d obviously know about Seth– the dude with a sign, the millennial superhero we didn’t know we need in our lives. 

Well, we’ve found a similar account called ‘Dudette with a sign‘ and I have to admit, the account is pure gold. Beth is on a mission to voice every millennial women’s grave struggles and give them advice worth a million-dollars through placards.

With her two low ponies and reflective glasses, she’s taken to the streets of Manhattan to take a stand in her signature look, she’s secretly every millennial women’s guardian angel who’s fighting for equality in her own way. 

1. It’s just the beginning of 2020 and I think I have received the best advice of all times already. Beth has cracked how to prevent drunk calls 101. 

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Someone needs to hear this after last night 👀

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2. I don’t care if you’re a man or a woman, EVERYBODY NEEDS to hear this. 

Girls, why do we have teeny-tiny pockets in our clothes? What is the point of having those pokets when we have to carry our handbags to keep our wallets? 

This is the reality check we all need.

Just because you want to cuddle with someone, it really doesn’t mean that you get back with your ex. 

‘Dudette with a sign’, you have no idea how glad we are to have you voice these opinions.