Air China hit a storm of controversies on Wednesday after it was discovered that the airline was dispensing racially offensive advice to fliers in the garb of safety precautions in their in-flight magazine. 

The piece was discovered on a flight to China by journalist Haze Fan, a producer at CNBC, who found it ‘insulting’ and immediately posted the picture on social media, while also tweeting it to London mayor Sadiq Khan for comments.  

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The in-flight magazine called ‘Wings of China’, published a feature on visiting London, which included a section called ‘Tips From Air China’. 

Under this section, the magazine went on to warn tourists against ethnic-minority dominated areas in London, such as those with Pakistanis, Indians and black people population. Tourists, especially women, were also encouraged to not step in alone at night. 

b’Source: Twitter |@Haze Fan’

Air China is the third largest airline in Asia, and is also China’s flagship airline. A London MP, Dr Rosena Allin-Khan, has reportedly asked for the removal of the ‘offensive’ tip and has said that he will write to the Chinese ambassador Liu Xiaoming regarding the issue, The Daily Mail reported. 

Another Assembly member, Florence Eshalomi told the Evening Standard

“We want people who embrace our diversity and different culture – that is the make-up of London. If airlines have a problem with that then we don’t want them in London.”