In our increasingly divided world, the only thing people are willing to share are their Netflix accounts. Sometimes, not even that. But today is a little different. Republic day is one special day where we forget our differences, and share our pride of looking up to our tricolor standing tall and proud, in the open blue skies. 

Whether it’s someone as old as independent India itself, or a child who wakes up early to put up a flag with her parents on their terrace – pride binds all of us together today. To celebrate this comradery, Air India has come up with an endearing story of a little girl as a part of their campaign Desh Ka Naam, #HarAasmaan. She, too, like the rest of us, wants to see the tricolor soar above all the rest. 

The entire narrative is woven around the theme of patriotism and subtle symbolism. The aspirational energy of the youth and the wisdom of age play an equally important role in scripting a nation’s saga of success. The very ‘real’ and inclusive treatment of the theme of patriotism – cutting across generations is what makes this film extra special.

Shaan’s soulful voice totally breathes a whole new life into the lyrics of the song. The film is a reminder of the innocence and naivety that we all have inside of us. And watching it is like seeing our dreams pan into reality step by step. Through this film, Air India invites us to come together and wave our flags in all horizons of the world. One aspect that really had us in awe was the ode to unity– how a little boy helps the girl climb her tiny steps that eventually lead her to the destination. But we won’t ruin it all for you! So catch the beautiful film here, we’re sure it will make your chest swell with pride too.  

Happy Republic Day, folks :’)