If you were born in the 90s, chances are you’ve spent most of your time in a park or a playground rather than spending it on Netflix or video games. 

From various outdoor activities to playing cricket, football and other games – our childhood was sorted. Life was good. 

Bored Panda

That is until a few cartoons and TV shows made me aware about what I have been missing. My very own treehouse. 

Sree Tours

Cartoon Network was still going strong back then and Codename: Kids Next Door, a cartoon about 5 superhero kids living in a treehouse, used to be my favourite show. 

And the fact that these kids, aged 10, designed their multi-functional treehouse with such swag made me crave for something similar.


There were other popular references in cartoons like The Backyardigans and Phineas & Ferb, where building a treehouse was a much-awaited challenge that these not-so-ordinary kids pulled off with great finesse. 

I wanted to be the same kid, except my world was very different and even climbing a tree was a task too far-fetched for our generation. 

Get Yarn

The movie Home Alone had references of Kevin using a treehouse to save himself from the robbers and trick them into his zip wire trap. 

This made me think that if Kevin, at that tender age, can do it then I too should try harder. 


But nobody in India could build one such structure due to multiple reasons. And I soon realized the dream was too far-fetched without the help of an adult. 
So in the end, all I could manage was a swing rope after pleading my parents–that too because I had my own ‘backyard’. 

Curly Tales

And although, I never got our own treehouse, I always dreamt of what life would be like in it. Where my friends and I discuss fun things, invent games, plan our next prank away from the prying eyes of our parents. 


If I could go back in time and change one thing about my childhood, it would be to have that perfect treehouse outside my house