Bosses can be a real pain in the arse. They are always asking you to stay late and never letting you take a vacation. They even have problems with smoke breaks. 

So we decided to compile a bunch of research articles that practically tell your boss they are wrong and you deserve that bloody vacation.

1. I am dead already!

The Guardian

2.  Hey, boss. You listening?


3. I didn’t say it. Science did. 


4. It’s called vacation for a reason. Stop mailing shit. 


5. We want you to know that we know!


6. Stop that shit, please!

Hindustan Times

7. Hear hear!

Business Standard

8. We could really use this. 

Daily Mail

9. Yeah. What about the 4 hours of traffic every day?

India Today

10. There is definitely a case there. 

Business Insider

11. Hey, our health is really important to us. 


12. Hey, the research says it. What can we do?

The Conservation

13. Sutta break zaroori hai boss.

The Atlantic

14. The world is dying people. Let’s not work that much. 


15. We have been saying this the whole time. 


16. Personally, I get a lot more done from home. 


So there you go. We are not machines, you see.