Most of us have grown up listening to ghost stories from our grandparents, which have surely given us nightmares and an inability to go the washroom late at night alone. 

So, for all the brave hearts out there who still are in a hunt for those horror stories and places, here is a list of 'the most haunted places' in Mumbai that would surely send chills down your spine. 

1. Aarey Milk Colony 

Aarey Milk Colony
Source: townmumbai

People say they have seen a woman with a child on this road. She asks for a lift, and then suddenly disappears. 

2. Mukesh Mills 

mukesh mills
Source: lbb

The East India Company established Mukesh Textile Mills in the 1870s. After a fire broke out, killing thousands of people, they shut this mill down. The ruins of this deserted mill served the film industry, and this place became a hotspot for haunted shoots in Mumbai. However, people have reported that they have felt a supernatural power over here.

3. Sanjay Gandhi National Park 

sanjay gandhi national park
Source: fliplifestyle

In Borivali, the Sanjay Gandhi National Park might make for a peaceful and serene spot during daytime, but by sunset it transforms into one of the most haunted places in Mumbai. People claim that they have seen a weird man walking with them and disappearing after some time in air. 

4. Mumbai High Court 

mumbai high court
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People say that one courtroom has a ghost living in it and it makes the accused accept his crime no matter what. 

5. Vrindavan Society 

vrindavan society
Source: traveltriangle

In one of the most posh areas of Mumbai, people claim that once a man committed suicide here, after which his spirit haunts the people who live here. 

6. Nasserwanj Wadi 

 Nasserwanj Wadi
Source: traveltriangle

Within a radius of 1 km from Mahim railway station, stretches one of the scariest horror spots of Mumbai in the form of Nasserwanj Wadi. A Parsi gentleman named Naseer owned that property before he was killed in his own cabin. He was reportedly burnt alive, leading to a painful and unnatural death, after which his spirit is said to be present there to protect his land. 

7. 8th Floor Grand Parade Towers 

Grand Parade Towers
Source: freepressjournal

A series of suicides marred grand Parade Towers complex, including five from the same family. These residents embraced death by jumping off the building. People claim that they have seen spirits of the family members roaming in the tower. 

8. D’Souza Chawl 

D’Souza Chawl
Source: indianghoststories

D’Souza Chawl is surely in the list of haunted places of Mumbai. It is said that a woman once committed suicide by jumping into a well. Ever since then, her reluctant spirit is said to roam the chawl complex. People living in the chawl prefer to stay indoors after sunset. 

9. Marve and Madh Island Road 

Marve and Madh Island Road
Source: treebo

People say they have witnessed a woman in full bridal attire at this place. She stops passers-by and scares them. 

10. St. John’s Baptist Church- Andheri 

St. John’s Baptist Church- Andheri
Source: findmessages

Founded in 1579, this church was left to ruins in 1840 due to an epidemic. Abandoned and isolated, the church was soon associated with the spirit of a young bride. In 1970, an exorcism was carried out to ward off the spirit. The people present there heard screams, laughter and wailing when the priest was undertaking the process. 

So, where them daredevils at? Your list is ready.