If you’ve ever walked the streets of India, you’d know that country has been obsessed with Bajaj Chetak for decades now. Whenever a desi 90s kid sees a Chetak anywhere, they’re instantly hit with a wave of nostalgia. 


Well, would you believe me if I told you that India’s iconic scooter is making a comeback, the same familiar aesthetic body but an all-new avatar with an electric heart?  

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Yup, that’s right, Bajaj will launch the electric version of Chetak on January 14th.The first batch of scooters will be delivered to Bengaluru and Pune, the bookings are scheduled to begin later this week. 

India Today

Bajaj is all set to create new memories along-with being ecologically conscious. The new Chetak Electric will reportedly have a range of 95 kilometers on a single charge when being used in the ECO mode. Not only that, it also has a Sports mode. 

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Twitter has mixed reactions:

Well, even though nothing can beat tilting and kickstarting the classic Chetak, I have to admit the revamped electric version does take us to nostalgia town.