Vintage Barbie dolls from the 60s had the word ‘JAPAN’ stamped across the bottom of their right foot, for manufacturing purposes.

Now, 61 years later, it has become the latest tattoo trend that’s blowing up on Instagram. Yup, sole tattoos are the new cool thing. And, it’s a hit amongst women and men.

While some are carrying on the tradition by getting tattoos on the soles of their own feet to shout-out where they come from, others, are coming up with their own versions. 

Although, the most popular design by far pays homage to Barbie herself, with a “Made in [insert the country you belong to here]” trend, like this one. 

And, this one. 

What’s so cool about this design is that fact that they are easy to hide with a pair of slip-ons or shoes. So, this is a great tattoo idea for those who are looking for something subtle yet, classy.

Here are some of the best sole tattoo designs we came across on Instagram. Go through them and tell us what you think of this trend?

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