Remember the CD? That round shiny disk that you used to put inside your computer when you needed to install a new game or watch a movie or two? Made you a little nostalgic, did I? Yeah, that’s the best use for a CD these days. Nostalgia. Because no one uses them as a storage device anymore. So, unsurprisingly, lots of CDs these days end up in the trash. 

Someone’s trash, however, is someone’s treasure. And that holds true for old CDs as well. Sean Avery, an Australia-based artist born in South Africa, turns them into beautiful animal sculptures.

He makes wire mesh frames shaped like different animals and then glues shards of CDs on them to give a unique glittering look. He also uses other discarded computer peripherals like hard drives to create his art. Here, have a look at some of his best creations.

Given that the amount of e-waste on the earth is increasing every day, this form of art, that recycles at least some of it is a step in the right direction. Sean calls this “sustainable art”, and rightly so.

Have a look at the complete gallery of his sculptures here.