Recently, a video of a Bengali bride challenging traditions in a marriage ceremony is doing the rounds of social media, for an awesome reason. 

During the traditional ceremony of ‘Kanakanjali’, a relative asks the bride to repeat that she has repaid her parents’ debt, while throwing rice, as part of the ritual. 

However, the bride was quick to refute the statement with the following comment. 

You can never repay your parents’ debt. 

She continues in the same streak, and even when leaving her parents’ house, continues to smile for the cameras – promising her parents that she’d return whenever she felt like. 

Various social media handles have shared the video, and on one of the pages, the video has over 3 million views and over 70,000 shares, with netizens applauding her heartfelt and honest comment.

There are countless marriage traditions that don’t necessarily hold true in the current scenario. And calling such archaic traditions out is a good step for a more inclusive, aware, and equal world.