The first word that comes into ones mind when they hear Nike, is ‘swoosh’. If you question further, they’ll probably utter the brand’s tagline ‘just do it’.

Which makes sense, both are iconic, but one other thing the world-famous brand is great at, is making inspirational advertisements. In a matter of a few minutes, these ads leave you with goosebumps on your arms and often, tears in your eyes. So, we thought we will make a list of some of our favourite ones among many historic ones. Here you go.

1. Dream Crazier 

Hysterical, emotional, delusional…crazy: Those are few of the many words thrown at women who want to make it big. This Nike ad asks them to embrace these tags and march on.

2. Don’t Ask If Your Dreams Are Crazy

Don’t ask if your dreams are crazy, ask if they are crazy ‘enough’. This inspiring ad has a simple message: When you do something, aspire to be the best – in the world, in the history.

3. What Are Girls Made Of?

Don’t fight like a girl, don’t run like a girl: Phrases often used to describe the ‘wrong’ way of doing things or a ‘weaker’ behaviour. A reminder of all great things girls are, this ad is for people who use these lines. *Louder for the people at the back*

4. Move

This wordless yet powerful montage shows the importance of consistency and turning up no matter what. Keep moving, you’ll get there.

5. No Excuses

I’ll just say … wait for the end. 

6. How I Fight

For an athlete, the fight never stops. It starts on the field, and goes on as they practice and practice more. This shows the ‘how’ of it.

7. You Can’t Stop Us

It’s been a heavy year for the entire world, we have seen pandemic, protests and everything in between. Obviously sports took a hit because of that, but getting back on your feet is the name of the game. An absolute goosebump inducing video, this one.

8. One Day We Won’t Need This Day

March 8 is international women’s day. The day we celebrate the gender which has overcome many hurdles to prove things which should not be questioned in the first place. This ad reinforces the idea of a day women won’t need a special day.

9. Force Fate

If you ask any great athlete the secret behind their success, they will tell you hard work. You can’t wait for luck to knock on the door, to do something great. You go and ‘just do it’.

10. My Better Is Better

This ad starts with the words of LaDainian Tomlinson, a US soccer player who says: ‘My better is better than your better’. And then follows really energetic music, enough to get enough to get eeven the laziest ones moving. 

Feeling pumped, yet?