If you’ve ever been to boarding school, you know your school life was a lot different from the others. While others also attended classes just like you, they returned home at the end of every day. But not you. You stayed with your classmates, returning to your hostel at the end of each day. You might’ve hated it initially and would’ve wanted to be home, but eventually anyone who spends time in boarding school comes to love the feeling of having a second family.

Looking back, a lot of hostel memories come to mind: all those midnight adventures, sneaking out of the room at night, messing with the warden… the list is endless. But while we spent entire semesters with these friends – our second family – we left them to return to our actual families during festive breaks and vacations.

What we never realized however is how weird festivals must be in boarding school. The corridors and classrooms – full of noise all year long – lie deserted and lifeless as students go home to spend time with family. But the staff who come to see the students as their own children definitely feel the void. So this Diwali, a boarding school joined hands with Snapdeal to successfully surprise its students. Watch the video here: