Remember that amazing moment when you didn’t study for an exam and still managed to get pretty decent marks? Yeah, it didn’t happen to me either. But you nevertheless know what it’d exactly be like, right?

The little burst of joy on achieving success when you did nothing to prepare for it is hard to beat. And that’s exactly how we felt about Cadbury 5 Star’s latest campaign around ‘Doing Nothing’ called #5StarsEverywhere. And why not? In this fun new crusade, the brand has now, by default, taken over every mobile app to ever exist, and that too without doing anything! We have all the deets! Here’s what happened.

So you know how you get bombarded with different ads around the festive season every year on opening any mobile app? Well, needless to say the brands spend exorbitant amounts of money on these advertisements. So Cadbury 5 Star came up with a genius move on how they can get themselves advertised, but without really shelling out any money this year. The brand simply changed its logo to just five stars, which means every time we are asked to rate an application or a service on our phones, we will be reminded of Cadbury 5 Star! What a hell of an idea!

With its one-of-a-kind campaign, Cadbury 5 Star has actually managed to cut through the hubbub of high-budget brand campaigns that bombard us everywhere this time of the year. And it’s actually interesting to see the beloved chocolate brand hijacking and turning every app platform into a personalised ad for it by doing the bare minimum. Check out their new campaign video here. 

Cool right? Well, we’ve heard that after taking over the internet, the brand now has plans to take over other mediums as well. We’re excited to see what quirky new things Cadbury 5 Star has up its sleeves, are you?