Sponsored by Cadbury

This Diwali, don’t just light up your house with candles and diyas. Go beyond and light up someone’s life!

The people of Surachand; also known as the village of the ‘Diya Makers’, were engrossed in their daily chores, some manning the cattle while others busy in pottery, making big batches of diyas for Diwali. Little did they know that someone would give a thought about giving light to their village too, as much as they think about lighting the entire country during Diwali. 

They say when you have sufficient, give. When you have abundant, give more. And do so with humility, compassion and love. Light up as many people’s Diwali as you can. This year Cadbury Celebrations decided to light up the lives of those behind the scenes of our Diwali celebrations. They gave a big #DiwaliSurprise to the people of Surachand by installing solar panels in their village, which suffers from a perpetual power-cut. I’m beaming with joy looking at their gleaming eyes which saw electricity for the first time at their homes. 

Watch Cadbury Celebration’s heart-warming video below: