Ever since we heard of Parle-G’s Rola Cola making its comeback, our mouths haven’t stopped watering for all the candies we loved back when we were kids. These candies remind of everything that was sweet in our childhood, and have the dearest memories attached to them. 

If you had any of these candies, your childhood was a sweet, sweet ride. 

1. Kismi Bar

For the elaichi lovers, this candy was the bomb!


2. Chatar Matar

One rupee was enough for this sweetness!


3. Aam Chaska 

This candy was the perfect combination of sweet and sour!


4. Mango Bite

This may be a candy from my childhood, but if I see it now, I will still buy it.


5. Loco Poco

I don’t know what was it about Loco Poco that we all loved so much, but it was a league apart.


6. Pan Pasand

While this didn’t taste the best, but we would have it all over again just for the red-pink tinge on our tongues!


7. Pim Pom Lollipop

Our obsessions with lollipops started from here, and no matter how hard we tried, that whistle just didn’t work. 


8. Chocki

This little tube of chocolate is the reason for all our sweet tooths. 


9. Coffee Bite

This was the only coffee that we were allowed to have, but also misled into believing coffee can be sweet. And now we know, we’ll never want sweet coffee.


10. Phantom Sweet Cigarettes 

All cool kids pretended to be cooler with these sweet cigarettes.


11. Guru Chela 

A sweet and delicious, the two-faced prints on the packets made us think twice before we threw away the empty wrappers.

Scoopwhoop Hindi

12. Boomer

Boom-boom boomerr!!!!!


13. Big Babol 

Big Babol was the bubble-gum of our dreams! Remember the competitions we had with our friends about who could blow the biggest bubbles?


14. Aam Pachak

Another digestive candy, but with a tangy mango flavour.

India Mart

15. Milk Treat

The goodness of milk in the form of a chocolate? Sign me right up.


16. Hart Beat

The candy of all our Valentine’s day dreams. If you got a Hart Beat from your crush, you know they liked you.


17. Chaand Sitare

Sweet and sour means double trouble.

India Mart

18. Time Bomb 

Before Sour Punk, we had Chaand Sitare. Started sour, and gave a sweet ending. 


19. Swad

Swad was the digestive candy we all liked and loved. 

India Mart

20. Centre Shock

Shock laga laga laga, shock laga!


21. Poppins

Poppins was the assorted candy for the janta. We went through the whole packet just to have our favourite flavours. Mine was orange, and yours?


22. Alpenliebe

Alpenliebe was a creamy, dreamy toffee which later came in so many other flavours. They also had lollipops.


23. Fusen Bubble Gum 

Come for the bubble gum, stay for the tattoos.


24. Maha Lacto 

One look at Maha Lacto, and I am remembering my birthday in school, going from class to class distributing toffees with our best friend.


25. Bonkers 

The tangy fillings in the chewy cubes were the best part.

Like Totally 80s

26. Fruitella

Fruitella, the fruity chewing gum came in so many delicious flavours! My mouth is watering already..


27. Marbels

These chewy balls was the perfect pack to share among your friends. 


28. Chaapat

Our back-from-school rituals included buying loadss of Chaapat.


Sweetest memories indeed!