Even five years after he first won us over as Rastogi in PitchersGopal Dutt continues to be one of internet’s favourite stars. His impeccable comic timing and straight-faced dialogue delivery leave us rolling with laughter, every single time. 


But in a poem he recently performed for Spill Poetry, Gopal Dutt showcases a yet unknown romantic side. In his inimitable style, he takes us through a relationship cycle in the piece titled Humaari Kahaani Ke Ant Par.

He begins his poem by talking about that first rush of emotions that enveloped him when he first interacted with the girl of his dreams. He compares those emotions to the beauty of nature. 

And when she decided to live with him, his reality seemed to embody the ‘happily ever after’ that fairy tales talk about. 

Perhaps that’s why, when the ‘happily ever after’ came to an end, he was left lost. Because his story, from the start to the end, was lived with her. 

You can listen to the complete piece here: 

Design credits: Lucky Mehendiratta