The big fat Indian wedding is one of the most traditional, opulent, and culturally relevant events there is.  After all, where else will you find a large group of people dressed in their finest gears, feasting on all manners of delicacies, and collectively enjoying the customs and traditions on display?

Instagram/ Join My Wedding

That is exactly why, when it comes to immersing yourself in the Indian culture, weddings seem like the perfect way to start. And this is the exact opportunity that the start-up Join My Wedding is offering to foreign tourists.


Join My Wedding brands itself as ‘the ultimate cultural immersion’ program. The concept may seem slightly strange, but is actually pretty simple – Indian couples getting married can sell tickets to their wedding to allow foreign tourists to attend the functions. 

According to Join My Wedding, a marriage is an event ‘where all the elements of a culture collide in one, huge, unstaged celebration.’ 

And for tourists looking to broaden their horizons, this is the perfect opportunity. 

Indian couples can register on the site and interested tourists can see which wedding they want to attend. The site ensures that the foreign guests and the couple interact beforehand to know about which customs to respect, attires to wear, and other requisite details. 

The amount from the sale of the ticket – for attending the wedding – is majorly offered to the wedding couple, though a share of it is also retained by the company. 

Guests from across the globe have been a part of various Indian weddings through this venture. And the experience has been great for both the host and the tourist. 

You can find out more about the company here. All images from the Instagram account of Join My Wedding, unless specified otherwise.