Getting inked is always a special thing. But what makes a tattoo special is how different or unique it is. While your design can be super cool, how about cranking it up a notch? So, ditch the conventional tattoos this time and give these uber cool glow in the dark tattoos a try. Mind you, these don’t glow normally in the dark unless exposed to UV light.

Here are 20 of the best glow in the dark tattoos:

1. Back forest.

2. For all the Voldy supporters, The Dark Mark.

3. Skeleton.

4. Cool is this.

5. I hear you really need some spine to get a tattoo made along this area.

6. This looks beautiful.

7. When she’s not reading, she’s glowing.

8. Symbols always look cool.

9. This tattoo gets Transformed in the dark

10. Sometimes, abstract does the trick.

11. Jesus, that’s cool.

12. A web of lights.

13. When you want to invade the darkness.

14. This one sort of grows on you.

15. Pawww, that’s cute!

16. That’s not ‘aww’ at all.

17. Crawling up in the dark.

18. Avatar. 

19. Though this may seem a little much.

20. This one was well thought of.

How about giving it a try!?