No matter how much they scold us, parents’ support is crucial for every child’s development. Their support, understanding and advice help us grow in our lives.

In success and failure, we towards them for hope. The hope of believing in us. The hope of supporting us.


Recently, someone on Twitter asked people to share that one instance when their parents played an important part in their development.

And this one person, Sudharshan Karthik, talked about the time when he was rejected by a company during a campus recruitment drive.

Rejected and dejected, he went to his hostel room. The next morning, he saw his dad’s email and that was a turning point in his life.

Not beating around the bush, his father straightaway told him that there’s no normalisation when it comes to recruitment.

Lauding Sudharshan for his excellent academic record, his dad further extended his support in every situation.

While he encouraged him to try for other recruitment drives, he also said that it’s okay to take a break or study further, if he wants. 

And most importantly, he asked Sudharshan to not compare himself with anyone else. Because everyone is unique.

In an email, Sudharshan’s father gave him the mantra of a happy life.

This instance resonated with several others on Twitter. While some shared anecdotes with their parents, others called Sudharshan lucky to have such an understanding and supportive father.

This is reminding me of all those times when I failed and my dad just said, “Koi baat nahi, aur koshish karenge.”

Parents, I tell you are a blessing.