When Bailey Sellers turned 17, among the various gifts she received, was a bouquet of flowers. However, that bouquet of flowers was the most unexpected of all gifts - because it was a gift from her late father, who passed away in 2013 due to cancer.Β 

Source: Twitter (BaileySellers)

Mike Sellers was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer when Bailey was in high school. Bailey, only 16 at the time, opted for homeschooling at the time so she could spend more time with her father, and care for him when he got sick.Β 

Father daughter
Source: Twitter (Bailey Sellers)

Though her father died due to cancer, he did not stop being there for his daughter. Starting from her 17th birthday, he pre-paid for her to receive flowers every year, till her 21st birthday.Β On her 21st birthday, Bailey received the last bouquet and a handwritten-letter in which Mike wrote that he'd always be there for her.

Handwritten letter
Source: Twitter (Bailey Sellers

Moved by his thoughtful gesture and the message, Bailey shared the photo online and was swarmed by loving messages.Β 

It is true what they say, sometimes, we can indeed find our heroes in our fathers.Β