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Dead For 27 Minutes, Woman Scribbles 'It's Real' After Getting Revived

by Asmita

An Arizonian woman, who was 'technically dead' for a total of 27 minutes, eerily scribbled 'It's real' after waking up.

Tina Hines, went into a cardiac arrest, last year in February while she was leaving with her husband, Brian, for a hike, according to

Source: Metro

Brian gave her CPR and she was revived twice before the paramedics arrived. On her way to the hospital, she was revived 6 times. Soon after, she was dead for a total of 27 minutes.

Due to a tube in her mouth, she gestured for a pen and a paper, on which she scribbled in almost undecipherable writing, 'It's real'.

Source: India TV News

On being asked by the people in the room, she pointed upwards. She later claimed that she saw a figure resembling Jesus standing by some bright yellow, glowing gates-

It was so real, the colours were so vibrant.
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Moved by this account, her niece, Madie Johnson, had a copy of this note tattooed on her wrist. She posted a picture of the same adding-

Her story is too real not to share and has given me a stronger confidence in a faith that so often goes unseen.
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(sharing because this story is too cool not to share) A little over a year ago my Aunt Tina, one of the most amazing, discerning, and healthy people I know had an unexpected cardiac arrest and according to doctors had died and was brought back to life four times by my Uncle Brian and first responders before arriving to the hospital. She was put on a defibrillator and after miraculously waking up the first thing she did, unable to speak because she was intubated, was ask for a pen and in my cousins journal wrote “it’s real”. The people in the room asked “what’s real?” and she responded by pointing up to heaven with tears in her eyes. Her story is too real not to share and has given me a stronger confidence in a faith that so often goes unseen. It has given me a tangibleness to an eternal hope that is not too far away. I love you @_tinahines! The way you boldly love Jesus and others has changed the way I hope to live and love❤️

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About 20% people are reported to recall some sort of visual or sensory episodes while being technically dead. 

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