Dear people who stare at me for being on a date with myself, 

Hi, I’d like to book a table for one and no I don’t want your judgment on the side. 

Going out on a date with myself doesn’t mean that I’m a sad pathetic loner, it just means that sometimes I prefer the company of my own thoughts over hanging out with my friends and I’m not going to be ashamed of it.       
~ Person who loves to go out on solo dates.         

Sitting by myself in a fancy environment, I like to catch up on my reading, my favourite shows and contemplate the way the world works. I love enjoying the peace and zen I attain after channelising my inner thoughts and washing it down with a fine meal and wine.

But with all the judgemental stares and snarky comments, I feel like the world needs me to apologise for spending time with myself as if it’s a crime to enjoy a meal by yourself in a restaurant. 

Dear Server who’s waiting on the table for one,  

No, I’m not early for a date and nor am I waiting for a client meeting. I can notice your surprised eyebrow twitch when I say that but I wouldn’t like to eat by the bar, I’d like a corner table with the best view.  


The love birds/ couples who’re sitting adjacent to my table,

Just because I’m on a date with myself, it really doesn’t mean that I’m trying to eye either one of you love birds. I’m quite enjoying my ‘me-time’ and your insecure glares are making me uncomfortable. 


The kitty party table, 

Your judgemental stares are not as subtle as you think they are. Please stop pitying me for sitting all by myself and enjoying my meal because I enjoy my own company as much as you enjoy being judgy with your squad. 

The uncle who’s sitting by himself at the bar, 

Just because you’ve noticed me sitting alone, by myself, it really doesn’t mean that I’m looking for company. 

Please don’t let the vacant chair in front of me deceive you into believing that I’m interested.

I’m definitely not looking for someone who can ‘buy’ me drinks, I’m capable enough to do that myself. 

I consider going out on a date with myself as a form of self-love and pampering but I fail to understand why it’s considered as such a taboo.