Monsters that like to cut off your limbs and wear your skull as headgear are all well and good, but it’s the freaks that get inside your head that most capture the imagination. In India, some truly insidious characters are spoken of, that don’t simply destroy you physically, they slowly make your life a living hell. 

Among these is the Pishach – a demon that possesses people’s minds and drives them insane. It also causes all kinds of maladies and illnesses in the body.

See? I told you, it doesn’t just mess up the body, it destroys the mind as well. Some would even say that death is better.

These demons are believed to feed on the flesh of the dead, usually inhabiting graveyards and places associated with death and filth.

These creatures are attracted to darkness, and are a distinctly macabre breed.

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The Pishach is especially dangerous because it can assume any form, from animal to human, and can even turn invisible. 

So unfortunately, your chances of surviving an encounter with one of these is minimal. The only way to counter them is apparently by chanting some ancient mantras that have been lost to time.

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That’s the story of the Pishach, so in case you were in the mood to go gravedigging, I’d suggest you pick a better hobby.