For a lot of women, saree is the preferred choice of outfit when it comes to special occasions. Every woman’s first saree experience -which is usually a fancy dress competition or a farewell – usually makes it to the family album. Because that’s how much importance the saree holds in an Indian family. 


The Sari Series, a non-profit initiative by Border & Fall, has documented more than 80 different ways of draping the saree from across the country. They’re beautifully exquisite and you would definitely want to try at least a few from this exhaustive list. 

Here you go: 

Venukagundaram Drape, Andhra Pradesh

Boggili Posi Kattukodam Drape, Andhra Pradesh

Munger Drape, Bihar

Surguja North Dance Drape, Chhattisgarh

Dhangad Drape, Goa

Kalsi Dance Drape, Goa

Koli Drape, Goa/Maharashtra

Chodhri Drape, Gujarat

Dangi Drape, Gujarat

 Parsi Drape, Gujarat

Santhal Pargana Drape, Jharkhand

Ranchi-Tukupani Simdega Drape, Jharkhand

Seedha Palla Drape, Gujarat/Uttarakhand/Uttar Pradesh

Bhootheyara Drape, Karnataka

Mohiniattam Drape, Kerala

So, which one are you going to try first? 

For tutorials on how to drape these beautiful saree styles, go here

All images from The Sari Series