Hosting a small Diwali party at your house with family and friends but, don’t want to buy sweets from the sweet shop this year, due to the coronavirus? We’ve got your back. 

Here are some simple mithai recipes that can be prepared under 30 mins at home. Thank us later!

1. Rasmalai Trifle

This Indian fusion dessert will just take you 10 mins to prepare and don’t get me started on how good it tastes. It’s creamy, silky smooth and easy to make so, do give it a shot.
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2. Kesar Peda

Infused with saffron, this Indian dessert is just the kind of sweet dish you need to satisfy your sweet tooth. It’s made with ghee, butter, cardamom, and condensed milk. In just about 20 mins it’ll ready to be gobbled up. 
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3. Paneer Barfi

Want to make something quick and less messy this festive season? Well, try your hands in making the sweet version of paneer which is delicious, creamy and just too hard to resist. 
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4. Dudhi Barfi

Prepared with Bottle Gourd (lauki), this barfi can be made within 20 mins. The recipe is similar to lauki ka halwa but you have to take one step further and make cubes of this delicious sweet dish to make things more fancy.
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5. Alebele

Alebele or Goan coconut filled pancake is prepared with coconut milk, coconut flakes, and sugar cane molasses. These soft and addictive thin pancakes will melt away in your mouth and leave you with a sweet, refreshing aftertaste. 
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6. Gulab Jamun Dessert Parfait

This delectable yet, healthy dessert recipe made using gulab jamun, yogurt, cream and lots of affection will leave you wanting more. It’s extremely light and all you need is 10 mins to prepare it. 
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7. Caramel Bhapa Doi

Bhapa Doi is a traditional Bengali sweet and, this sweet dish mixed with caramel is just heavenly. The best part about this dish is that you can flavour it with any fruit of your choice and it’ll taste as good. 
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8. Besan Halwa

This is one of the most popular desserts from North India that’s made from besan/gram flour/chickpeas flour. It’s rich in texture, delicious in taste and requires very few ingredients to prepare. 
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9. Cardamom Peda

These cardamom pedas are very simple to make and can be prepared within 20 mins. It’s got a smooth and silky texture and it’ll instantly melt in your mouth. It’s also great for gifting to family and friends. 
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10. Pumpkin Payasam

Adding a vegetable to a dessert might sound bizarre but, trust me, the end result is satisfying as hell. This kheer made with pumpkin and garnished with roasted almonds is healthy, light and just too tasty. 
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Which sweet dish do you want to make? 

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