If you were born in the late 90s, chances are that you have some of the fondest memories associated with M.A.D., the amazing art and crafts show on POGO.

And Harun Robert aka Rob would have been your favourite art teacher.


While POGO still airs the old episodes of the show, we have been waiting for Rob to enthrall us with new magical art tricks.

Finally, our wishes have been granted as Rob is returning with a new DIY show Imagine for kids on Disney channel. From the trailer it seems that not just kids even his old fans will be hooked to the TV screens.

I think it makes sense to brush up our DIY skills a little before we watch him performing magic on TV. He’s been doing it on his YouTube channel Mad Stuff With Rob all along.

So here we have compiled some of the best videos from his YouTube channel to give you all those artsy and nostalgic vibes.

1. Watch him make PUBG triggers with ice cream sticks.

Kids or adults, all of us have been playing PUBG. Presently, when we are avoiding going out, this video can be of great use. In the video, he uses simple things available at home – ice cream sticks, aluminium foil, small plastic piece and tape – to make triggers and enhance our PUBG experience.

These triggers can be used for other games as well.

2. Watch him make emoji stickers with paper.

In this video, Rob teaches us to make simple emoji stickers for mobile phones using paper and tape.

3. Learn to make wood prints at home.

In this video, Rob shows us the easiest and quickest way to print on wood using a printed paper.

4. Learn to make pop-up cards for your friends and family.

We’ve always loved receiving those pop-up cards on special occasions. Rob tells us how we can make one at home with minimum resources.

5. Learn to make a cool and funky earphone organiser.

It is common for us to lose our earphones. With this simple yet useful organiser, you can keep your earphones in place.

6. Organise your stuff with this origami utility box.

You just need some paper to make this amazing origami utility box to keep everyday things organised.

7. Watch him make drum circles using empty Pringles cans.

This would be fun. In this video Rob shows how we can put those empty Pringles cans to use and create our own drum circles.

These videos are a bonus to all Rob’s fans.

Check out more DIY tricks on his YouTube channel Mad Stuff With Rob.