Come Diwali and it’s lights and colours everywhere. From the streets to our homes, everything is bright and vibrant. We clean every nook and corner of our homes with luminous lights, diyas and what not. After all, Diwali is the festival of lights. 

To make Diwali even more brighter, we make rangolis as well. Spectacular traditional designs in bright hues that adorn the entryway to our homes. So this Diwali, following this centuries-old tradition, let’s bring out our favourite colours and try out these easy-to-do rangoli designs.

Here, try them out:  

Concentric circles in the brightest of colours. 

What is Diwali, without a diya in the middle of your brilliant rangoli


Dots, petals, square and a circle. Shouldn’t be that difficult, right?


A beautiful flower pattern will pretty up your home for sure.


A vivid combination that looks elegant as well. 


Wouldn’t this one look radiant?

A simple peacock to bring in some good vibes. 


A little bit of glitter in your rangoli would be just right for Diwali.

The simplest of them all and still so pretty. 


With a little bit of hard work, precision and patience, this one would look spectacular.


A square rangoli, anyone? 

This would brighten up even the dimmest corners of your home.  


A half-circle rangoli in a splash of colours would be a perfect way to welcome your guests.


And if you don’t like powder colours, you can do it with flowers too. 


A simple Ganesha design for a perfect welcome to the god of prosperity. 


A string of marigold flowers with red rose petals. Easy and definitely beautiful.

Vivid, bright and elegant with the least amount of effort.


A floating flower rangoli is the best way to bring in some calm Diwali feels.  


Strings of marigold flowers arranged in an uninterrupted flow.


This jasmine and rose rangoli will bring a whiff of fresh air into your home. 


So, bring out the colours and get rangoli-ing!