Being stuck at home there is one thing we are all looking forward to and that is the time we will get to step out. Some of us are taking things to the next level by actually using this lockdown time to plan our next vacation. Now, all we need to do know is when the bus, trains, and flights will be up and running. 

And while we are on the topic of traveling, have you guys ever wondered what does the cross sign at the end of the train compartment mean? Don’t blame me, kahli dimaag toh kuch bhi sochega na? But now that the thought has come, let’s find out?

This big cross is flashing for the passengers safety..

How you ask?

Well, it is a sign that indicates that it is the last coach of this train.

Which tells the Station Master that the entire train has crossed.

But if this cross sign is not there, then it is assumed that some coaches are missing. Thus warning the Station Master, who immediately initiates emergency procedures

And this is not the only safety measure for this purpose. The second step is the LV (last vehicle) sign which is used during the day and a red light to be used at night.

The third and final step is an All Right Signal exchanged by the guards, like this one..

Pretty cool, huh? 

So, next time you are at the train station, instead of boring others by talking about your Ex, let other’s know about this big yellow X, K?