India is one of the largest democracies in the world. And the most diverse and rich in culture too. A country which stands second in terms of population but does not talk about sex. Where rapes happen everyday and Goddess Durga is worshiped too. 

However, we fail to recognize the irony because everyone here wants to come first but no one reaches on time. From politicians to parents, men to women, everyone around is hypocritical without even knowing it. 

As they say, it happens only in India!

Here a some of the most ironical things about India that never cease to amaze:

1. We clean things with the dirtiest cloth in the house.


2. We won’t stop at the red light but will stop if a kaali billi crosses the road.

3. We keep fancy things for guests even if we don’t like them coming.


4. It is vulgar to say ‘chutiya’ but cool to say ‘asshole’.


5. We won’t spend money on a girl’s education but will shell out lakhs on her wedding.


6. Our phones always have guards but we ride bikes without helmets.


7. We have a large number of gau rakshaks but hardly any women rakshaks.

8. We’ll feed man-made idols but not the poor.


9. Marrying older men is okay but marrying older women is not.


10. Those building our houses have no homes of their own.


11. Girls are considered both ‘Laxmi’ and ‘Bojh’.


12. There’s a minimum qualification for a peon but not for a politician.

13. We’ll pollute the same rivers we consider ‘holy’.


14. We disrespect our women but will murder those not chanting ‘Bharat Maata Ki Jai!’


15. Most liked candidate in elections is not a thing but least disliked is.


16. Even when crossing a one-way road, you have to look both ways.


17. Hindus should be secular but Muslims should be patriotic.

Ironical India!