True millennials are always up to date with their memes. And if you are one of those meme connoisseurs then you’ll surely know about the ‘Turn up the volume‘ meme.  

This one. 


Or this. 


Or maybe this? 


But have you guys ever thought about this guy in the meme? Like who he is? What is his story? And how the hell did he get so popular? Well, turns out this dude is quite popular. 

Seriously! This guy’s name is Jay Versace and he has gained enormous levels of popularity at just 21 years of age. 

This internet sensation is known for a lot of his funny videos, but that’s not just it. He’s quite multi-talented. 

He produces music. 

He is a model. 

He’s into art. 

And he can dance too, you guys!

Not just Instagram and Twitter, Jay is also quite famous on YouTube.

It’s always good to know about the real person behind a famous meme.