Sitting around drinking and shooting the shit is always a good time, but sometimes you need something more. Variety is the spice of life after all, and drinking games are as spicy as things can get. Scroll on below for a few exciting additions to your weekend libations. Salut!

Note: Please drink responsibly, because a healthy liver needs a healthy live-er!

1. Spaceteam

This is an app-based game available for iOS and Android for free, and can be played between 2-8 people. Each person controls a certain part of a spaceship hurtling towards disaster, and the aim is to keep flying for as long as possible. It's loud, boisterous and a total adrenaline booster. 

Rules - 

- Read the 'how to play' on the app. It's super easy.

- Have a drink every time you reach a new round. 

- Have a drink every time you curse. 

- Take a shot every time you lose. 

Source: Youtube

2. Thumper 

This is a fast-paced, memory-based, alcohol-laced whirlwind of a game. You'll need at least 4 people to make it challenging, along with a lot of beer (or any alcohol). 

Rules -  

- Before starting, everyone must choose a funny hand motion to represent them throughout the game. 

- After everyone's picked their signal, the leader starts the game by performing his hand gesture followed by another players'. The player who's gesture was performed must now perform the first 2 gestures, followed by a new player's gesture. 

- This continues until someone forgets a motion or messes up. They must then down their drink. 

- Most importantly, everyone must keep drumming on the table! 

Watch this cheesy video below to understand the game better. 

3. Most Likely 

This is a game best played with a group of friends who know each other pretty well. In fact, that's kind of the point. 

Rules - 

- Everyone sits in a circle and one person asks a 'most likely' question, such as 'who is most likely to pass out on the floor tonight?' 

- Everyone points to who they think is most likely to do what was mentioned. 

- You have to take a drink for every person who's pointing at you. 

Source: Msn

4. Head's Up 

This is another app-based game that's lively, quick and keeps you on your toes. Download the Head's Up app on a phone and get started. 

Rules - 

- Choose a category and hold the phone up to your head. 

- The rest of the players must act out the word on the screen, and you have to guess what it is. 

- If you can't guess what it is, you take a shot. And repeat. 

Source: Appadvice

5. If You Know What I Mean 

This is one of the most fun games you can play regardless of whether you're drinking or not. As with everything though, a little hooch adds a lot of flavour. You can even play this game with just 2 people, but the more the merrier. 

Rules - 

- You're given a theme or situation, such as 'you're in a cruise ship'. 

- Everyone must go back and forth trading suggestive sentences related to the theme that end with 'if you know what I mean'. 

- Whoever runs out of funny-sexual phrases has to take a drink. 

Here's a video that'll help you along. 

6. Bones

This game starts off easy and goes into hyperdrive faster than you can say 'tu mera bhai hai'. 

Rules - 

- Take 2 dice and roll them. If you get an even number, everyone drinks. 

- If you get an odd number, you make a new rule (for instance - rolling a 12 means you do a shot) 

Source: Punchdrunk

7. Cup Swap

This game gets messy, so make sure you've got space and a table you don't really care about lying around.

Rules - 

- Place a spoon and 2 cups on a table - one with alcohol and one that's empty.

- Players take turns to transfer as much alcohol as possible to the empty cup using the spoon in under a minute.

- They must drink whatever is left in the original cup when the time is up. 

Source: Urbanmatter

8. Pizza Box

This is a game you can play pretty much at any time, all you need is a pizza box, a coin, and of course - the creme de la beer.

Rules - 

- Every player writes their name on the cardboard pizza box and circles it.

- The starting player tosses a coin on the box (each player gets one turn). If it lands on a name, that person drinks.

- If the coin lands on a blank spot, the player writes a rule there and circles it (it can be anything from 'eat dog food' to 'tell a dirty secret'). If someone lands a coin in a rule circle, they have to do what it says.

- The game keeps going until the entire box is filled with rules.

Source: Usatoday

9. Straight Face

This game totally depends on how much control you have over cheek muscles. You can probably guess the what's coming next.

Rules - 

- Every player writes some ridiculous/ funny/ inappropriate sentences on pieces of paper.

- One at a time, each player will randomly pick a paper and try to read out the line without cracking a smile. If they fail, they drink!

Source: Giphy

10. Flip, Sip or Strip

This game is great for couples looking to have a little drunken fun. Or if you're suuuper comfortable with your friends.

Rules - 

- Take turns flipping a coin and guessing what side it is.

- If you guess wrong, you either have to take a sip or take off a piece of clothing. 

Yeah, this game is more fun in winter.

Source: Spoonuniversity

11. Bloody Hell

This one's super easy and efficient, and you can play it pretty much anywhere! All you need is one die.

Rules - 

- One person rolls the die. Then every other player has up to 3 turns to match that number.

- You get a match by either rolling the same number or by adding up your rolls to equal the original number.

- If you can't match the number, you take a shot.

Source: Sovcal

12. Medusa

If you get awkward staring into someone's eyes, this one might not be for you. You'll need at least 4-5 people for this one.

Rules - 

- Gather everyone at a round table, and cover the table in shots.

- Everyone sits around the table looking down and on the count of three, looks up at someone. 

- If the person you are looking at is not looking at you, you're safe. But if you find yourself staring into someone else's peepers, you both have to drink.

Source: Rawstory

Remember, if you're seeing double, your butt's in trouble!