For the longest time, advertisements for fairness creams have made us believe that white is better. A dominantly dark skinned country has been tricked into believing that they need to buy tubes of fairness creams in bulk if they plan on succeeding in life.

These creams have various side effects, both mental and physical. Not only can they spoil your natural skin by giving you pimples, rashes and, in extreme cases, even skin cancer, the way these creams can spoil your self confidence is unmatched.

For years now, these creams which make promises to ‘improve’ your skin colour, have made thousands of Indians feel uncomfortable with the skin they’re born in. 

This video from Voice Of Ram explains exactly why they need to go. Ram Subramanian’s words give an exact picture to the emotions that go through every non-white person’s mind. 

The man has a point. These creams need to go.