Bengalis have a unique way of seeing the world. There are things they do that will seem bizarre to the rest of the world but are perfectly fine with them. A Facebook page named The Bong Sense captures the essence of Bengali culture at its very best. 

Check it out.

Eating that greasy roll while sweating profusely = Bliss!

Fill that void in your heart with tasty food.

Story of every milennial parent ever!

Things we do for Pujo!

Every Bengali household will have a well-maintained first aid kit.

The one time Bengalis are not concerned about hygiene.

The arrival of the Goddess herself.

The never-ending Pujo shopping.

Pujo prashad is the yummmmiest!

Being away from Kolkata on pujo is the worst feeling ever.

It was more like a friend.

Biggest dilemma ever.

10kms. Only? I can easily do it again, tomorrow.

They are the true examples of women-empowerment.

Even the girls who stay low-key the rest of the year.

Half of life’s problems are due to drinking inadequate quantities of water.

The bed is their best friend.

Health > Wealth. Period.

Bengalis know how to do it right!

Alu aar luchi is love.

Prepping for the marathon, Maa.

The eternal question.

Pujo is the only time Bengalis don’t mind waking up early.

Admit it. You did it at some point too.

DSLR guy is the friend-zoned guy across all cultures.

That guy who keeps asking questions!

And the infamous monkey cap for the beau.

It’s a welcome relief from the melting heat outside.

Because lyaadh!

Bengali moms will never approve of a new haircut.

Truly, no one can ape a Bengali!

All images are from The Bong Sense. Follow them here for more such quirky Bengali tales.