Selfies are part and parcel of life these days, but once upon a time, things weren’t so easy. Photography is an rt that’s developed over time, which is why we’re talking about it in such venerable terms.

In fact, the first photograph ever taken of a human being was in 1838, and it was done by a man named Louis Daguerre.

According to News18, the image had the first recognizable human form to have ever been captured on camera.


The image was a street scene of the Boulevard du Temple in Paris, France. A closer look shows that there are actually two men, one polishing the shoes of the other.

Due to the extended exposure time for the image, several people who walked the area were not in place long enough to register on the plate. The street was most likely busy with traffic, but everything was moving too fast to make an impression. That’s why it looks empty.


A little slice of history!