The one thing about Japan that is not even debatable is that it offers very quirky services to its citizens. From vending machines giving out more than just snacks and people on rent, the country has it all.

1. Professional Pusher

Everyone knows that Japan is a hardworking nation. They make sure their people reach work on time and that's why Japan has employed people to push others onto trains so that nobody's late for work. Can someone please push me out of bed in the morning too?

2. Rental Boyfriend

Finding a boyfriend in today's day and age might seem like a task but in Tokyo, if you have the money, finding a boyfriend is as easy as it gets. I don't really know what all the boyfriend will do, but it sure sounds fun. A rental boyfriend costs around 5,000 Yen per hour which is around Rs 3400.

Source: Gizmodo

3. Professional Stand-In-Liner

As long as there are queues in the world, Narabiyas (Japanese for stand-in-liners) will never be out of work. These freelancers will happily wait in long queues for you as long as you pay them some money.

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4. Wedding Guest

This is a part-time job in Japan where people double up as wedding guests. Apart from the money, they also get free food. Sending my resume right about now. 

Source: Henry Delac Weddings

5. Professional Cuddler

If you happen to be in Japan and feeling lonely, just shell out some cash and you get to cuddle and sleep next to a Japanese woman. Just cuddle, mind you. Professional cuddlers make around $40 to $80 per hour.

Source: Japan Info

6. Proxy Job Quitters

For $450, this Japanese company will quit your job for you. Funnily enough, the company's name is Exit and they help people avoid any sort of confrontation with their bosses. Now, that sounds like something we need here too. For full-time employees is 50,000 Yen while for part-time workers it's 40,000 Yen.

Source: Christie Lindor

7. Handsome Weeping Man

Japanese companies hire people to make their staff cry. Employers feel that crying is a cathartic exercise and people feel better and lighter after having a sobbing session. 

A 'handsome weeping man' comes in and shows the staff sad movies and then goes around the room, wiping their tears. I'm sure I would need such a man every day at work.

man woman
Source: BBC

8. Vending Machine Underwear

Japan has the most number of vending machines in the world, coming down to one machine per 23 people. Apart from snacks, you can get a lot of things from these vending machines but the weirdest of them all is -- used underwear. Yes, you read that right. You can entertain your fetish by getting one from a machine on the road.

vending machine
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