There are times when, despite our hard work and efforts, we face failures in life. However, some people still manage to overcome adversities and come out stronger - simply because they refuse to give up. 

And Humans of Bombay shared one such story, of this businessman-turned-watchman. 

Born in a small village in the outskirts of Maharashtra, his parents encouraged him from a young age to study hard and build a better future for himself. Which is why, after successfully obtaining his engineering degree, he started a small business retailing electronic equipment. 

For a few years, he had the 'ideal life'. His business did well, he was married, and father to two children. And that's when his business failed and he was left with nothing. At that time, as he sat devastated, thinking about his future, his wife pushed him to not give up hope. 

My wife stepped up and pushed me through the tough times. She was the reason why we moved to this city. She took up a job as a cook -- and the only job I got here was of a watchman.

At first, when he was hired as a watchman, he felt ashamed - until he realized, that no work is too small. 

I couldn’t fathom working as a watchman - I was an engineer who had a successful business at one point, but slowly I realised that there’s no work that’s ‘too small’ when your family’s well being is on the line.

As his family continued to support him, with his daughter taking up tuition classes, the family as a whole were able to save money and once again, chart a better future for themselves. Today, his children are pursuing courses of their choices and he has continued as a watchman - a job he performs with utmost dignity and dedication. 

I still work as a watchman with a lot of dignity, because I did what I had to for my family and there’s no shame in that. And you know who’s the proudest of me? My wife and kids -- and for me, there’s no bigger achievement than that

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