If you are an office goer, then you might be dealing with that regular office insanity all the time.    

And if you do, then it's no surprise that once in a while you might find yourself choosing some choice cuss words to vent your anger.

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But you're not alone. According to a study by telecoms firm 4Com, frustrated office co-workers swear 55 times a week and 11 times a day. 

We are not even surprised. 

68% of people said that 'fuck' is the most common curse word heard by them at least once a day--followed by 'shit' and 'bloody' with 58% and 35% respectively.   

This study was conducted with the help of 2,000 people. It revealed that middle management is responsible for one-third of foul language and swears the most.      

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Even though it is not the best thing to do, cursing might not be the worst option, according to a psychotherapist.   

Studies suggest swearing can be beneficial as the process is often cathartic. 

So we get it that there is a limit. Once in a while, one's frustration can cross the limit and you might say some things you might regret. But don't worry, we all do that.