The lockdown and the resulting isolation have completely changed things for us. Our lives have become slower, and a lot of old trends have emerged again.

This includes: Watching re-runs of old TV shows, going back to old hobbies and playing games that we had stopped playing as we grew up.

One of them being Ludo. Remember playing the game with your family on holidays and accusing everyone of cheating just because you were losing? 

YouTube/Nursery Rhymes

Well, thanks to the internet, all of that can now be done virtually – with Ludo becoming one of the most downloaded apps during the lockdown.

And the apps doing best in the business are: Ludo King and Ludo Star. 

People are inviting others to play with them, sharing their scores and making memes.

Some are even using it to flirt, which doesn’t even come as a surprise at this point. 

Ludo never really went anywhere but it has become mainstream again, with the gen Z (?) realising how fun it is.

The game has overtaken even PUBG, in terms of popularity and that says something,

And even though half the fun of it, is in slamming the board when you start losing, the apps will do for now.

The online Ludo is a bit more complicated than our old school one, but the rules more or less remain the same.

All in all, Ludo is an OG and OGs return stronger.